BIMM Berlin-Absolvent arbeitet mit dem aufsteigenden Star Jannik Brunke zusammen

6 August, 2019

When inspiration comes, an artist and producer should be ready to catch the magic quickly. This well-known fact of the music industry was recently illustrated in a surprising collaboration between the Berlin BIMM graduate Magnus Schroeter and the established singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer and content creator Jannik Brunke .

Thanks to a connection between the BIMM Institute Berlin and the neighboring company VYBE Brothers Entertainment – a management agency that operates from the college’s new location in the House Of Music – the aspiring pop artist Jannik Brunke became the young BIMM graduate Magnus Schroeter for presented a collaborative project to complete one of the young songwriter’s latest original tracks.

As a solo artist with a large fan base (including over 160,000 YouTube subscribers), Jannik produced most of his creative work independently. However, after establishing an immediate creative connection with Magnus, who earned his bachelor’s degree in bass last year, the mission of completing his unfinished track was put on hold in favor of a brand new composition that took the two artists from the ground up has rewritten, arranged and produced.

BIMM was pleased to facilitate the couple’s creative process by using renowned recording studios in both German locations throughout the project, namely Jazzanova Recording Studios (Berlin) and Clouds Hill Recordings (Hamburg).

Clouds Hill is the partner studio of the BIMM Institute Hamburg and offers our new students regular access. Owner Johann Scherer will work as a guest lecturer on our newest campus in Hamburg.

The BIMM Institute Berlin works regularly with the Jazzanova Recording Studios and manager Alex Reinemer on various projects.

This latest story from BIMM Germany underscores the importance of collaboration and networking in the music industry, of which the college is very proud and from which its students and graduates benefit from the very beginning.

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