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4 June, 2020

Choosing where to study for a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree is an incredibly exciting time that will bring you one step closer to your dream career in the music industry. It’s an important decision and you may have many questions about auditions, visas, fees and the application process itself.

In order to support you there with answers, we have put together the most important questions from prospective students so that the application process runs as smoothly as possible for you.

If you would like to know anything else, our friendly admissions team is at your disposal. Just send us an email to and they will be happy to help you.

Do the auditions / interviews take place online or in person?

There are both ways! At the moment – due to the protective measures against COVID-19 – all of our auditions and interviews are taking place online. As soon as our colleges reopen, however, you can also come to us and do your audition or interview in person, if you prefer.

If you want to study with us and give the go-ahead for your music career, please apply as soon as possible and we can conduct your audition or interview online. As soon as the government’s measures make this possible again, we can show you around the campus in person. More information can be found here.

Can I apply now for the academic year 2021 or do I have to wait?

Yes, you can also apply for a degree program that will only start in September 2021 using our application form .

If my audition / interview was unsuccessful, do I have to reapply for the following year?

If your audition / interview was unsuccessful then don’t worry! So that it works next time, you will receive specific feedback from us about what is expected of you and you will receive another appointment for a new audition / interview. This second audition / interview will then be scheduled accordingly so that you have enough time to implement our lecturer’s suggestions in your practice.

If our lecturer thinks that you need more time than the registration deadline in September, you will receive detailed feedback on your development areas. Our admissions team will then invite you to apply again for the following academic year. This gives you enough time to fully prepare for a new audition / interview at a later point in time.

In general, the earlier you submit your application, the more time you have to prepare for the audition / interview and, if necessary, to work on improving it, if you are not yet successful on the first attempt.

Will I receive a letter / proof of placement for my visa?

Yes. If you signed your contract to confirm your enrollment in September, you will receive a letter confirming that you will start your studies. You will need this letter to apply for your visa.

Do I need a study visa if I want to study at the BIMM Institute Germany and come from Great Britain?

To study in September 2020, UK applicants have the same work and study rights as any other EU citizen, under the terms of the UK’s Withdrawal Agreement with the EU. This means that you will not need a study or work visa if you are moving from the UK to Germany before December 31, 2020.

You will be able to stay in Germany even after completing your studies, as you have already moved and registered as resident in the country before the United Kingdom withdraws completely from the EU. From January 1st, 2021, there may be different requirements, including obtaining a visa to study and restrictions on the type of work you can do during your studies. However, this has yet to be confirmed between the UK and the EU as the withdrawal process is still under negotiation. You can find more useful information on the website .

When is the application deadline for this year and can I take the English test later?

You can apply until the beginning of September – please note, however, that the places in the course of your choice may already be fully booked by this time. We therefore recommend that you apply as soon as possible. If we receive your complete application before June 2, 2020, you are still entitled to an early bird grant of € 250, which will be credited to you after you have registered.

You can take the English test at any time between now and the time of your registration and submit it to us. We recommend going to your local IELTS test center and booking the test at a time that suits you. We need proof of your English skills at the time of your registration. Here, too, the following applies: the earlier you take the test and make it available to us, the better.

In accordance with COVID-19 precautions, we are currently also accepting IELTS indicator or TOEFL tests that were taken online due to the closure of test centers. You can get more information about this from our admissions team at


What are the costs for each semester?

We do not calculate our fees according to semester, but according to each academic year, which comprises two 15-week semesters. The amount of the fee depends on whether you come from an EU country or not. You can find an overview of the fees on our website here.

Is it possible to get a scholarship?

Sometimes we offer scholarships in collaboration with partners in the music industry. We will soon be able to inform you by e-mail (provided you have consented to your e-mail being used for marketing contact purposes) whether a scholarship for 2020 is possible. Our website will also be updated with the relevant information.

Can I make a selection of songs that I would like to sing / play in my Professional Musicianship Vocals or Songwriting Audition?

As an applicant, you perform a song of your choice – anything you feel comfortable with. Preferably something that represents you and demonstrates your own approach to the instrument or subject area you have chosen and your general technical skills. You are welcome to use a backing track or perform an acapella. Your piece should be at least three minutes long.

If you are applying for Professional Musicianship (vocals, drums, bass or guitar), we recommend performing a cover so that our lecturers can relate your performance to the original and compare it. If you apply for songwriting, the piece you perform must be original and written by yourself.

Are there student loan or academic financial support opportunities within Germany, or is this only for the UK?

Unfortunately, there are no student loans from Germany yet, we are currently examining various options in this regard. Depending on your nationality, you may be entitled to study funding from your home government.

How do I get support for internships during my studies?

During your studies you will be supported by our Careers & Industry Team, who offer various internships with employers or music organizations throughout the year. Our careers team will support you from the preparation of your application through to the internship.

We also offer various opportunities to get involved within the music industry, such as end of term gigs in established venues, lamplight sessions where the original music of our students is presented, as well as weekly walk-ins and master classes with guests from the industry. All of this can help you to build up and expand your network within the industry, as well as to present your creative and professional achievements and bring them to the stage.

I have already passed a high school diploma in English. Do I still have to take the IELTS test?

If you had English in your Abitur as an advanced course and achieved 10 or more points, you do not need to take another language test.

When should I sign the contract at the latest after it has been accepted?

The deadline is two weeks after receipt of the contract. If you need a longer deadline, please contact our admissions team to let us know. You can contact the team at .

I would like to extend the deadline for the registration fee due to COVID-19. Does this affect my future academic plans?

The enrollment fee / deposit relates to your study contract. We fully understand if you would like to wait until there is more security in planning regarding COVID-19. However, we are very optimistic that the on-site lessons can take place regularly again from September.

Your place is guaranteed as soon as you have paid a deposit. We advise you to keep an eye on all current government recommendations. You can pay your registration fee as soon as you are comfortable with it.

How does the application process work? What are the requirements?

You have to fill out the registration form stating your academic background and your previous or expected exam results. Please provide us with all evidence of this when submitting your application. Alternatively, if you do not have any final results, you can submit them later.

Apply as soon as possible, even if you are still going to school or studying. Even if your Abitur examination results or your bachelor’s grade are not yet available, we can already prepare you for an audition / interview and make an appointment for you. The earlier you apply, the greater the chance that a place will be available in the course of your choice.


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