Die Top 5 Masterclasses im Bereich Music Production am BIMM Institute Berlin

30 April, 2020

Every Friday our students have the opportunity to learn from well-known greats from the music industry as part of our weekly masterclass . Here is a summary of the highlights from the Music Production area from the past academic year.



No less a person than “The inventor of techno”, Juan Atkins, was a guest for an exclusive masterclass at the BIMM Institute Berlin. The legendary musician and DJ from Detroit spoke about his personal relationship and experiences with sound. He showed the importance of music in all of life and explained how sound, sound waves, frequencies and vibrations affect the human mind, body and soul.

Juan Atkins has helped shape electronic music from the start, which is why it was a special honor to have such an icon as our guest.



The Jazzanova Recording Studio is one of the most extraordinary new recording studios in Berlin. Owner Axel Reinemer, who opened the studio in 2013, took ten happy BIMM students on a tour of the premises. In addition to his job as a sound and mixing technician and producer, Reinemer is also an important member of the Jazzanova collective. After he gave the students an insight into the history and the technical structure of JRS, they also had the opportunity to be part of a track deconstruction of the latest Jazzanova album.



The legendary Berlin techno duo and the award-winning producer Modeselektor took part in a very special master class at the BIMM Institute Berlin . Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary, aka Modeselektor, shared from their early years hosting infamous rave parties why they started making music and how their recording process differs from live performances.



The students of the BIMM Institute Berlin were invited to a master class with the always inspiring PLANNINGTOROCK . Since the first album was released in 2006, the acclaimed producer has expressed political ideals and turned complex topics into pop hooks. In an exclusive question and answer session, PLANNINGTOROCK discussed growing up through music and art as well as the production process of their new live show Powerhouse, which premiered just one week after the BIMM students’ visit in the Berghain / Panorama Bar!



ADAM Audio monitor boxes have built an excellent reputation worldwide as one of the most outstanding tools for sound engineers. The ADAM Audio Product Specialist Jane Arnison who collaborated with inspiring musicians and artists such as Peaches, the Berlin Heroes MIKEY, Canadian residents of Austra and Berghain, Steffi & Virginia, hosted an exclusive masterclass to some valuable insights into the use of monitor speakers from of the ADAM Audio product range. It helped our young producers understand which speakers are best for different environments and applications.

Despite the current challenges we are all confronted with, we are still trying to offer a rich program of events. All masterclasses are currently held digitally and can be attended from home without any problems.

The students at the BIMM Institute are currently given the opportunity to take part in the master classes at the other BIMM colleges and benefit from expert knowledge.

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