Begleite uns auf eine virtuelle Tour durch das BIMM Institute Hamburg

24 February, 2020

The students at the BIMM Institute Hamburg love the college’s high-tech equipment, which enables them to get one step closer to their careers.

Thanks to our virtual tour, you too will get an insight into our professionally equipped rooms in the bunker on Feldstrasse.

Colleen Livingston, songwriting student at the BIMM Institute Hamburg, shows you the college today on her very personal tour:

Colleen takes us on a tour of the state-of-the-art campus and explains how, as a student, she uses the space and equipment in and outside of class. She leads you through the practice room where the students rehearse and where the performance and songwriting courses take place; the lecture room (where all types of classes as well as the weekly master classes take place); the fully equipped Mac Lab (where music production students have classes and can use it for classroom projects outside of class times); and the tutorial room, which is designed for small groups and one-to-one classes.

The college is also an   Ableton Certified Training Center , where music production students, under the guidance of leading experts, develop the latest industry knowledge, skills and techniques using the best audio editing software and hardware. The partnership also means that students at the BIMM Institute Hamburg have access to considerable educational discounts on Ableton products that enable them to save up to 40%.



The BIMM Institute Hamburg itself is housed in the media bunker on Feldstrasse, in the middle of St. Pauli, the musical heart of the city. Live venues, a large music store, several nightclubs and offices for musicians, creative people and independent music companies as well as the BIMM Institute Hamburg are at home here.

And as a BIMM student, you don’t just stay in the bunker on Feldstrasse. Music production classes take place at the nearby Chefrock Studios – a professional commercial recording studio. The VIP lounge of the St. Pauli Musicschool by Levi’s  in the St. Pauli Stadium, where FC St. Pauli trains and plays, is available to the students as an additional rehearsal room .

The End of Term gigs take place in Nochtspeicher.


As a city, Hamburg itself is a great attraction for our students, which combines a lively art and music scene with an established music industry.

Rick McPhail , guitarist and keyboardist of the Hamburg band Tocotronic and lecturer for songwriting and performance at the BIMM Institute, moved from America to Hamburg and raves about the city:


“Hamburg is a great place for aspiring musicians. There is a whole history of rock ‘n’ roll; the Beatles started here, and there are tons of clubs of all sizes, as well as labels and publishers. What I like about the BIMM Institut e Hamburg enthusiastic is the fact that you can learn a lot about the entire industry here, and I think that’s very important for musicians who start here.


College Principal Nick Donovan says he is proud that the college got off to such a successful start: 


“The BIMM Institut e Hamburg has developed into a central place in the Hamburg music scene. It was amazing to see how our students explore their creativity with our state-of-the-art equipment. And it is great to see how they are part of the Hamburg music scene have become – simply by getting to know each other, working together and appearing together with their fellow students.


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